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♪ ♪ let me go i don't wanna be your hero ♪ ♪ i don't wanna be your big man i just wanna fight like everyone else ♪ ♪ your masquerade i don't wanna be a part of your parade ♪ ♪ everyone deserves a chance to walk with everyone else ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: family of the year. you can see a bonus song at our website. >> jimmy: i want to thank mindy kaling, carl reiner. i want to thank kai. tomorrow night, jessica alba, chef bobby flay and music from ellie goulding. "nightline" is next.
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thanks for watching. good night. tonight on "nightline," pope steps down. a bombshell announcement as pope benedict becomes the first pontiff to resign in almost 600 years. the stunning move that has the world asking who's next. from hunger games to "silver linings play book" she is captivating audiences everywhere. jennifer lawrence talks. and swim suit inc. a show stopping cover as kate upton graces "sports illustrated" swim suit edition once more. we go inside the big business of
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geico, see how much you could save. from new york city, this is "nightline" with bill weir. >> if the last 600 years have taught us anything it's that popes don't quit. there is no holy father rest home. it is a job for life or at least it was until this morning when over a billion catholics did a double take over the news that benedict xvi had given his two weeks' notice in latin. why now and what does it mean for the church? who could possibly replace him. here's terry moran. >> reporter: an ordinary rainy monday in the vatican except for that lightning bolt striking the vatican. the pope gathered the cardinal
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together. his bombshell came at the end. [ speaking foreign language ] he spoke in latin, the ancient language of the church. i have come to the certainty, he says that my strengths due to an advanced age are no longer suited to an adequate exercise of the papacy. >> i'm shocked. >> reporter: around the world, the reaction was the same. >> today's decision by benedict xvi to resign from the papacy came as a huge surprise to me and to everyone in rome and in the vatican. >> reporter: it hadn't happened for almost 600 years. for 600 years popes died in office. with this one stroke, benedict xvi has changed history. >> no one alive has seen that happen. and the dynamics of that are completely unknown.
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>> reporter: just under eight years ago he stepped out on the balcony joseph ratzinger chosen to succeed john paul ii who reigned as pope for 25 years. >> he had a hard act to follow. >> a very difficult act. >> reporter: father james marten is editor at large of the magazine "america". >> he is the beloved professor. >> reporter: benedict was a shy man with a great reputation in the church. a theologian a strong advocate for a return to tradition in the face of the modern world. but these were hard years for the catholic church and the pope. there was the agony of the sex abuse scandal in several countries. timothy dolan reflected on the toll of it all. >> when he speaks about the church, when he speaks about christian life they are the most
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noble, loving, the most elevated sentiments you can have. and for him to see the troubles, the corruption, the scandals that have always inflicted members of the church that's got to weigh on him. >> reporter: another scandal, his personal butler stole a trove of his private correspondence and leaked it to the media. >> he was an incredible shepherd and just someone i would look to as one of the great leaders in our church. >> reporter: and now he is leaving to lead a quiet life in the vatican. so what next? is this a moment when the church is on the verge of profound change? a lot of people in the secular world look at the catholic church and say when are they going to ordain women and have priests who don't have to be
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celebate? >> for the most pope those answers are all no, no, and no. >> reporter: helen who advised the pope on women's issues sees the challenges in stark terms. >> i think some of the challenges are similar to what they were in 2005, which is making catholicism relevant and comprehensible as against modern notions of the nation of love, the nature of freedom. the nature of progress. >> reporter: the big question in the immediate future, who's next? ♪ in a few short weeks now as they did nearly eight years ago. the cardinals will gather in rome, enter the sistine chapel in formal procession with the frescos soaring above them and lock the door behind them and
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pick the next pope. it is an ancient and secretive process, part politics, part prayer and always a potential for stunning surprise. so among the front runners, the archbishop of milan. well liked and close to pope benedict, and a return of the italians to the pope. a cardinal from ghana could be the first black pope. >> think of it. think of what a picture that would present. >> reporter: and the archbishop of sao paulo, brazil. and new york's affable cardinal dolan is being mentioned though many believe a superpower pope from the u.s. is unlikely and he
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dismissed the idea. >> what are the odds of a north american and you were asked, what about you? >> is this abc evening news or comedy central? >> reporter: it will be a momentous and mysterious process set in motion today but the quiet historic words of the servant of the servant of god, as they say, a man who simply decided it was time. >> our thanks to terry moran. coming up next, she's only just cracked her 20s but has her second oscar nod. jennifer lawrence on fame, parties and that slippery ladder of hollywood stardom. [ male announcer ] at his current pace, bob will retire when he's 153, which would be fine if bob were a vampire. but he's not.
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she is the 22-year-old actress equally deadly be bow and arrow and cocked eyebrow. jennifer lawrence has a second academy awards nomination. she is firmly on the a-list now. but you might be surprised at how long she hopes to stay there. chris connolly got to know her in our series oscar confidential. >> reporter: she thanked her family, director and cast members. then? >> i always go home. i stopped at harvey's party for
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a little bit and got my parents drunk and i left and went home. >> reporter: just 22 with two best actress nominations on her resume she has hollywood buzzing with delight both at her range and at her refederal reservingly unspoiled self image. >> i have a weird job. if i remind myself of that that it's nothing more than that then i don't start thinking it's more dramatic. >> how did you lose your job? >> i -- having sex with everybody in the office. >> reporter: oscar nominated for "silver linings play book" she takes a manic pixy dream girl and fills her with vivid, captivating emotion. on the dance floor with bradley cooper. or toe to toe with this guy.
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>> ever since he was with you -- >> you think i'm why today's happened? i'm the reason why today happened? >> how is it like staring into robert de niro's eyes and tell him off? >> nerve wracking. i'm bad about reading scenes before. i'm trying to memorize it and i'm going to be screaming at robert de niro. the adrenaline kicked in. >> you had to memorize that in the hair and makeup trailer and saying it to one of the greatest actors in the history of american cinema. >> stop saying it. i feel bad. i feel terrible. i didn't plan it. that's the problem. i department plan it. >> reporter: she grew up in l u louisville, kentucky youngest of three. a spontaneous performer from the get go.
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>> my dad started working at home when i was, i guess, six. i would dress as a clown or ballerina and my dad is trying to work and i would be, like, watch and put on a new show or dress up as a person and knock on the door and be like my name's judy and my car broke down. but none of us assumed i would be an actress. >> reporter: jennifer and her mother took a trip to new york city and she was spotted by a scout. >> i had caught the bug. it was the first time i felt i was made for something and i understood something. i was lost in school and felt stupid. >> i've been looking. >> i'll find him. >> reporter: her break came in 2010 with this underdog indy film playing a seen amid meth and menace on a hard scrabble ozark landscape. >> i'm auditioning thinking am i
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got at this. and "winter's bone" happened and they loved the movie and a couple years later we were at the oscars. >> reporter: it earned lawrence her first nomination. but when she was offered more roles in flannel she flipped the script. >> we did an esquire shoot. i got in a bikini and pranced around and got that out in the magazines. that helped. >> that helped? >> yeah, i guess. that's why i hire professionals. >> reporter: she was cast in "x-men first class" requiring layer upon layer of blue paint to be applied each shooting day. >> i have no modesty. i was standing or sitting while seven women painted me everywhere b
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everywhere and it was horrible. >> reporter: the fans of "the hunger game" she is the heroine of what will be a trilogy. she almost didn't do it. >> because of "twilight" i knew what to expect. the "twilight" actors didn't know what they were getting into it. i had this imaginary made up future of myself where i would raise a normal family. i couldn't see that future if i said yes to these movies. but i never once regretted saying yes. >> reporter: a 4$400 million blw out the door smash reformed the lives of her loved ones.
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>> she texts me every night. >> reporter: we don't see you get carried home from a club in this neighborhood? >> you will never see that. i don't like clubs and i don't have the stomach for getting wasted. four drinks and i'm barfing. and my brothers are ashamed of me. >> rep she ventures out she leaves us slack jawed. >> someone was going to introduce me to bill maher. i put my hand in his face and go not now, bill. and i just stared at her and followed her around and drank and stared at her like a creep. sorry. >> reporter: but as oscar night awaits it's her fellow nominees looking up to her. >> what happens when you run into 14-year-old actors what is it like to talk to people who are like where you were four or
12:57 am
five years ago? >> it's amazing. and a sense of relief. because i'm not going to be relevant forever. >> reporter: i'm chris connolly for "nightline" in los angeles. >> you will be relevant for a while. hate to break it to you. you can watch the oscars on february 24th right here. as kate upton heats up the "sports illustrated" swim suit edition we'll give you a look at the business of swim suits. [ ding ] oh, that's helpful! well, our company does that, too. actually, we invented that. it's like a sauna in here. helping you save, even if it's not with us -- now, that's progressive! call or click today.
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forget birthday parties or yearbook photos many a red-blooded american can mark the passage of time better than in "sports illustrated" swim
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suit editions. you can remember cindy or tira or kate upton for a second time. and darren rovell investigates. >> reporter: it's the cover you can't stop staring at. model kate upton sailing in the chilly antarctic waters. where is the swim suit again? this new video shows it all. in the horde luck magazine business, the "sports illustrated" swim suit edition is one of the few remaining stars. it has generates more than a billion dollars for time inc. kate is the first to be on the cover for the second straight year since tyra banks 20 years ago. tmz found her in antarctica publishing photos of the shoot a month before the cover was revealed. for years the swim suit issue
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has stood out for two reasons. they don't defer to the waives that frequent the runway and willing to give the models names. brinkley, ireland, mcfiercen. upton can join those names after "sports illustrated" fit her into the 2011 edition at the last minute she became an overnight sensation. first the dougie dance at clippers game. and then this video. corporate america got into the act. carl's jr. used upton last year. mercedes benz used her in this year's super bowl campaign to promote its new car. 7% of "sports illustrated"'s revenue is from t
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